Why this project?

One of the constants across all cultures is music. Music is there with us when we celebratecry, dance, workout, etc… We all love different songs for different reasons. This playlist is the product of many people from different backgrounds. So you are guaranteed to find the song that you need when you need it. 


01. Music To Relax With:

Everyone needs to recharge. Take a mental break with our playlist. 

Music list 01

Miles Davis: Some Kind of Blue — (link)

Yanni: “Tribute”(link)

Claude Debussy: “Arabesque” (link)

Aiza Seguerra: “I See you Lord“ & “In my Life” (link 1) (link 2)



02​ Music To Work out to/ Fight Back:


Get hyped up with music that can help push you to your limit! 

Music list 02

Rachel Platten: “Fight Song” (link)

Asa: “Fire on the Mountain” (link)



03 ​Music To Help You Make Important Decisions:


Often times we need to make big choices and decisions in our lives. And that can be stressful. Music can help to minimize that stress, so you can make your decision!

Music list 03

Jean Jean Roosevelt (link)

Diana Ross: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (link)

Michael Jackson: “Man in the Mirror” (link)




04 Music Brings Us Together When Challenges Occur: ​

Community is everything at BtC. Here are some songs that can remind all of us how precious we are to one another.

Music list 04

Louis Armstrong: “What a Wonderful World” (link)

Lila Downs: “La Martiniana” (link)

Kenshi Yonezu/米津玄師: “Lemon” (link)

Amanda Martinez: “Va y Viene” (link)


05 Music To Listen To When You Are Feeling Blue:


Wallow in your sadness with these songs. But understand that these feelings are only temporary.

Music list 05

Howard Jones: “New Song” (link)

Lil Nas X: “Sun Goes Down” (link)

Mac DeMarco: “Chambers of Reflection” (link)

Dean: “Dayfly” (link)

Michael Jackson:  “Bad”, “The Way you Make me Feel”, “Beat It” (link)

Helen Reddy: “Best Friend” (link)

Butterfly Lovers” (link)

Rutshelle Guillaume: “Kite m Kriye” (link)





Read what people say about music:


Asha (Asa) is a singer whose music uplifts me and also has a strong message about taking action and not letting yourself become desensitized to what is happening in the world.


I chose this artist because he is my favorite; he has amazing vocals and an amazing talent for composing and choreography with the unique songs/rhythms he makes. His songs have inspired many people in life in many different ways.


This song changed the way I saw the act of “crying”. Like most males, I used to see crying as a sign of weakness, but this song showed me that it is ok to cry and there are a lot of situations where crying is the normal thing to do.         

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BtC Music Project 2021