Program Spotlight:

Calculus Field Day

Revisit Calculus Field Day 2021!


Brenda Cassellius

Dan Arnon

Chiruza Muhimuzi

Dr. Brenda Cassellius reaffirms her commitment to the Boston Public Schools and Bridge to Calculus partnership.

“we have an excellent organization.”

“a wonderful program.”

Mentor, Danny Arnon, Ph. D, MIT, speaks about his math buddy, Chiruza Muhimuzi

“learned so much from it.”

“happy for our students doing well.”

Mentee, Chiruza Muhimuzi speaks about his math buddy, Danny and the Math Question Center.

“it is like a family.”

“students grew a lot through joining it.”

About Calculus Field Day

Over 100 students from across Boston Public Schools come to Northeastern University one day a year to compete in teams of three, in challenging and stimulating tests in Precalculus, regular Calculus and AP Calculus. Initiated in April 2009, Calculus Field Day is the major annual outreach event sponsored by the Mathematics Department at Northeastern in partnership with BPS Math Department. Calculus Field Day advertises the math department’s signature summer enrichment program “Bridge to Calculus” and attracts students who enjoy learning, especially those interested in careers in STEM.


Calculus field day at Northeastern excites high school students about math